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Black Friday Sale of Sketchup Plugins for 2022

Black Friday Sale of Sketchup Plugins for 2022

Black Friday Sale of Sketchup Plugins for 2022

Time: Friday, November 25 – Friday, December 2, 2022

Details: 25% off MSRP for new purchases of new SketchUp Pro subscriptions.

Terms & Conditions

  • One-year subscription to SketchUp Pro only
  • Not available on renewing subscriptions
  • Not valid for the customer having expiring licenses in November and December 2022
  • Not valid for the License Compliance customer
  • The promotion does not include SketchUp Studio, SketchUp Go,  Higher Education subscriptions

Here is the list of sites for Black Friday Sale of Sketchup Plugins for 2022.


This is flextools package by sketchupguru you get, One-click doors, windows, stairs, fences & more. Get instant dynamic openings through multi-layered walls. Easy 2D plans and elevations ready for Layout. Also learn to make immediate changes anytime.


The trial will end 15 days from the time the license is ordered, not from when it is activated. After you order, you will receive an email receipt from MindSight Studios that contains links to download the latest version of Artisan as well as instructions for activating the license.


Mind sight studios is giving Bundle Profile Builder 3 with Quantifier Pro at 25% off. Order the BIM Bundle and get a permanent single user Commercial license for Profile Builder 3 and Quantifier Pro.

Create smart objects and get instant cost reports with these 2 powerful extensions:

  • Profile Builder 3 for lightspeed modeling of intelligent building materials.
  • Quantifier Pro for instant quantity reporting and cost estimating.  Optimized for use with Profile Builder.


Features Include:

  • Union, Difference, Intersection, Trim, Split
  • Designed with 3D Printing in mind to work with small complex objects (no more scaling workarounds!)
  • Works with nested solids!
  • Does not create new components!  The original component is modified as expected.
  • Maintains the Layer and Names of the first object selected
  • New Single Object Union tool (click a single group or component to union all nested solids inside of it)
  • Results in solid 3D printable objects in almost all cases (if the original objects were also solids)


Make SketchUp cutting components (windows, doors) automatically cut through thick walls! Not only that, if you move the component after inserting it, the double-cut will automatically be updated, saving you valuable time.

A must-have plugin for architects and interior designers, Double-Cut works behind the scenes to adjust window and door openings created by SketchUp cutting components as you edit them.

Double-Cut reacts automatically to the standard SketchUp tools. Move a door and the opening automatically moves with it. Scale a dynamic window component and the opening resizes.


Skimp is giving an upto 40% on all products from mind sight studios.


PlaceMaker can be purchased as an annual subscription which comes bundled with 1000 Credits! The Subscription provides access to much of the data for free (does not require any credits) or at a discount.  You’ll also receive the Building Bundle Component Library for FREE.


Profile builder 3 gives you a trial that will end 30 days from the time the license is ordered, not from when it is activated. After you order, you will receive an email receipt from MindSight Studios that contains links to download the latest version of Profile Builder as well as instructions for activating the license.


Quantifier Pro is compatible with both Windows and Mac using SketchUp 2017 or newer.


SketchPlus is an extension for SketchUp that adds more than 30 easy-to-use tools, many of which are commonly found in other 3D modeling applications such as selection filtering, selection memory, mirror, and align.


Skatter comes bundled with 3D Bazaar, an extensive repository of high-quality render-ready assets. Many vegetation assets come with ready-to-use Skatter compositions, so you can instantly apply them in your scene without spending time finding the right parameters.


Convert various 3D formats to SketchUp files, with powerful features such as automated render-ready materials and proxies, geometry simplification, as well as essential options like scaling, unit conversion, axes/origin transformations and much more.


Chaos V-Ray is a 3D rendering software that combines real-time and photoreal rendering — all in SketchUp. From beginner to pro, V-Ray has all the tools you need to visualize your 3D architectural projects from start to finish.

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