How To Create A Pillow Using SubD Plugin Sketchup 2021

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How To Create A Pillow in Sketchup Using SubD Plugin

In this blog, we will learn how to create a pillow in Sketchup using the SubD plugin and learn some of the powerful features that SubD has. 

What is SubD modeling?

SubD, or sub division modeling, is a set of surfaces based on a cage of points. You can tug and pull on the cage to manipulate the shape of the surface to achieve your desired design.
SUbD Plugin example for sketchup

In this blog, we demonstrate a quick and easy method to creating a pillow using the SUbD Tool Plugin For  Sketchup 2021. Let’s go over the process to create a pillow step by step. 

1. Create a Box & Group it

Create a 3 dimensional box in SketchUp  and make sure to group it . (The general size of a pillow is 2′ x 1 ‘)

Creating a Pillow | Sub D Plugin | Sketchup

2. Subdivide The Surface

Go to Camera settings in your Sketchup Menu bar and select Parallel Projection. Then go to your Camera settings once again and select Standard Views > Top. After you’ve setup the view, subdivide the surface on all four sides using the knife tool  from the top like the image below. 

Subdivide using knife tool | Sketchup

3. Select the SubD Tool

Create a Pillow | Sub D Tool | Sketchup

4. Adjust Iterations

Iterations are the number of polygons used to make the edge of a surface smooth. The higher the iterations the smoother the surface will be although increasing the iteration scale to maximum isn’t necessary as it makes your model much heavier. 

Create a pillow |Increase Iterations to make edges smoother | Sub D Plugin | Sketchup

We hope you found this tip helpful, if you would like more such tips to make your modelling easier and malleable, head on over to our gumroad website 

We’ve also written a blog on how to create a blanket using Clothworks in Sketchup, you can check it here.

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