How to Reduce Sketchup File Size | Sketchup Basics | Sketchupguru

How to Reduce Sketchup File Size | Sketchup Basics | Sketchupguru

There are many reasons you’d want to reduce your SketchUp file size, one of the main reasons being the fact that you’re working on a really large file and you want to reduce the size to work faster.

We’ll take you through the easiest way to reduce the file whatever the reason may be.

The larger the file is, it’s likely to have more components, which in turn makes your file heavy. Of which many components aren’t being used. You can begin deleting these components.

Step 1

 Before you do so you’d probably want to make a copy of your file, just so that you don’t lose out on certain components. So head to File and Save a Copy As.

Step 2


Window > Model info

Step 3

Model Infor Statistics Sketchupguru

Select Statistics and check the Show Nested Components box. 

Step 4

Purge Unused | Sketchupguru

Then select Purge Unused, and then click Save. Now open the folder where you saved your .skp file. The file size would have reduced considerably.

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