How to Use Skatter 2 to create 3D Grass in Sketchup?

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How to Use Skatter 2 to create 3D Grass in Sketchup? | Skatter Plugin for Sketchup

Have you wondered how 3D Artists were able to create such photorealistic landscape renders? In most cases, it was Lumion, Forest pack for 3DS Max, Twinmotion, Quixel Megascans in Unreal Engine, and more. 
But now, you don’t need to look any further! Cause Skatter 2 is here!!

Lindalë just launched its newest version of Skatter called Skatter 2

This is a complete overhaul of the previous v1 version and they’ve improved the overall functionality & UI of this awesome plugin for Sketchup.

With Skatter 2, you get a new Library integration called 3D Bazaar,  Zones, Random Materials, Image Mask, Path Mask, Composition Mask, New 3D Paint Mask, Scatter in any direction, Look-at, LODs, Convert existing components to a Scatter composition, and a Brand New UI, 

There’s a whole lot more to Skatter and we’re just scratching the surface. Let’s look at some of the new features in Skatter 2 and look at how they can help us in our daily workflows and processes. 

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In this blog, we will learn use Skatter 2 for Sketchup to create 3D Grass in Sketchup

Installing Skatter 2

Start off by heading to Lindale’s website by clicking here or below:

Simply click on download trial and install it from the Extension Manager in Sketchup. You will get the full-feature of Skatter 2 but limited to 15 days. 

Once installed correctly, the Skatter 2 Plugin toolbar will show up in Sketchup. 

Skatter Plugin Sketchup

The Old vs New UI

I love the look of the new UI which feels modern and clean. 

Skatter works on the principle of hosts & objects. The host is the ground, terrain and so on. And the objects being trees, plants, shrubs, that you would like to scatter on the host. 

In Skatter v2, they’ve introduced Compositions. This makes it easy for us to keep track of the various Skatter objects in our scene and it helps us to stay organized. So Compositions are essentially a distribution of objects that have various parameters (density, distribution type, filters…) and controls what is scattered (objects) and where (hosts).

How to use Skatter 2 to create realistic Grass in Sketchup?

Okay, that’s enough technical knowledge for today. Let’s learn how to use Skatter to create amazing landscape scenes. In the below tutorial, we’ll run through this process step by step. 

Step 1 : Open 3D Bazaar and add your Objects

Before we select our hosts, let’s add our grass objects into our scene. We will be using 3D Bazaar to add our grass objects to our scene.

Once you add your objects, it will automatically create a composition. Make sure to rename your composition and check it later in the ‘composition manager’.


Step 2 : Add your Hosts

Step 3 : Run a Vray Interactive Render

Skatter Render

I hope you found this quick win tutorial useful. I will be creating a detailed tutorial and course on how to use Skatter to create amazing landscape renders and more.

Stay tuned! 

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